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Challenge #4
Cleanup Treasure Hunt

For this Challenge, you’ll do a good deed for your school, your community and the Earth… and you might win a prize too!

Important: If you’re 13 or under, ask your parents’ permission first. You should also get your school principal’s permission to conduct the cleanup on school grounds.

Always use caution when participating in any Challenge, and DON’T participate if you have health issues that could be affected by these activities. 

Safety Tip: Wear rubber gloves when picking up litter and if something looks hazardous, leave it there.

Get some friends together and try cleaning up around the grounds of your school. Collect any litter you see lying around, placing trash in one bag and recyclable items in another. When you’re done, dispose of the trash properly, and sort the recyclable items into bins for the next pick-up.

Keep track of your “Treasure Points” using the chart below, and add up your total. Submit your total in the Badge Claim form, and then students with the highest point totals could win a Prize Pack!

Recyclable Items Treasure Points
Metal Cans
200 points
150 points
100 points
Everything else
50 points

Challenge 3 Closed