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Challenge 1 Badge - Milk Jug Workout

Challenge #1
Milk Jug Workout

Got some spare milk jugs? Turn them into an easy workout!

Fill a HALF GALLON jug with water to create an easy, convenient 4-pound workout weight! 

Tip: Double check that you got the lids tightened all the way and only do these exercises somewhere safe to spill water.

Important: If you’re 13 or under, ask your parents’ permission first. Always use caution when participating in any Challenge, and DON’T participate if you have health issues that could be affected by these activities. 

Try each of these Milk Jug Exercises!



Holding the jug between both hands in front of you at the level of your chest, slowly lower into a squat, then stand up to complete one rep. Try to keep the jug in the same position as you move!



Start with your feet shoulder width apart, holding the jug in both hands. Take one step forward with your right foot, lowering your left knee to the floor. At the same time, raise the jug above your head. Then, step back to your starting position, returning the jug to a neutral position in front of you. Step forward with the left foot, lowering your right knee to the floor.


Standing Curls

With your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the milk jug by the handle at the level of your thigh. Slowly curl your arm back towards your chest until you are holding the jug vertically, then lower your arm. Aim for 3-5 repetitions, then switch sides. Try to keep balanced between the two sides!

Get your Badge!

Once you’ve tried ALL THREE exercises, click the button below to let us know you’ve completed the Challenge so you can earn Badge #1.